Looking for more help with DITA? Try these sites:

DITA blog posts from Scriptorium: Best practices, advice, case studies, and more.

XML business case calculator: Do you have a solid business case for implementing DITA/XML?

dita-users: An active mailing list frequented by many DITA experts.

DITA Style Guide: Provides information about best practices for DITA usage.

DITA Open Toolkit: A framework for generating HTML, PDF, and other output formats from DITA content.

DITA4Publishers: A DITA framework for publishers. Highlights are publishing-specific DITA metadata, and output to EPUB, InDesign, and HTML5.

DITA training at github: The source files for the courses found on

Sample DITA content: a documentation project based on a 1960s Mini Owner’s Manual, contributed by Felicity Brand.

Formation DITA et spécialisation: DITA training in French, contributed by Pierre Attar.