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The courses on build upon each other. The site required you take courses in a particular order—until now!

The description at the start of each course lists the prerequisite courses. Although we recommend you take those courses, you are no longer required to do so. We recognize that you may have gained required knowledge elsewhere, so jump right in where you want to start!

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New course available on maps and bookmaps

Take our new DITA map and bookmap course and learn how to collect topics. Establish relationships among with them reltables.

Like all the free courses on, the maps course includes guided step-by-step practice and exercises to help you learn DITA.

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Four courses now available is offering four free courses right now:

We hope you find the free DITA training useful!

Coming soon: three courses on the DITA information types

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the site and took the Introduction to DITA course. That course offers an overview on how to develop different types of information in DITA—concept, task, reference, and glossary.

Want more details about creating those specific information types? Never fear! We are releasing three new courses.

Creating concepts (September 2015)

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Commonly used elements
  • Lesson 2: Images and tables
  • Lesson 3: More elements
  • Lesson 4: More advanced elements
  • Lesson 5: Best practices for concepts

Creating tasks (October 2015)

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Creating a task topic
  • Lesson 2: Creating steps
  • Lesson 3: Finishing up the task
  • Lesson 4: Best practices for tasks

Creating glossaries and references (November 2015)

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Creating a glossentry
  • Lesson 2: Creating a reference topic
  • Lesson 3: Best practices for glossaries and references

Course outlines and release dates are subject to change; we were still in development mode at the time of this post.

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Introduction to DITA now live!

The first course on is now live: Introduction to DITA.

The course includes six lessons:

  1. What is DITA?
  2. DITA topics
  3. Metadata
  4. Creating DITA content
  5. Tables
  6. Creating relationships among topics

Lessons include code samples, links to additional resources and videos, and more. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson.

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The first course, Introduction to DITA, is coming soon. Stay tuned!